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Discover amazing material created by members of six European country teams. Based on three years of collaboration across Europe, including local school/university partnerships, we present tools to further professionalize teaching in school subjects.


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Join us at the final TdiverS conference on November 19th 2016 at the University of Education Ludwigsburg


During the final conference, members of six European country teams will present collected materials to inspire teachers to make their schools more inclusive! Based on three years of collaborations across Europe, including local school/university partnerships, we present tools to further professionalize teaching in school subjects.

During workshop and plenary sessions, we will provide information about education systems, profiles of inclusive schools, and experiences of teachers, parents, and children. On the basis of site visits, interviews, and videos, teachers and researchers as well as pupils and parents from Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, and Sweden will present their knowledge of and strategies in teaching diverse learners.


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What ist the TdiverS project?

Teaching in inclusive settings is a new and challenging task for teachers in schools today. There are huge differences both in extent and quality of inclusion amongst European countries. Promoting the cooperation of countries with long-lasting experiences and traditions in inclusive schooling and countries with lower levels of experience is one of the main project objectives. The cooperation could improve the quality insurance in the six participating countries.

TdiverS focusses on the diversity of learners and is based on a three-pillar model of diversity:

Pillar 1: Diversity in theory and practice.

Partners include university-departments and staff, students in teaching education programs, teachers and principals from schools with different approaches to inclusive education, representatives from school administration, NGOs or ministries. TdiverS connects practitioners and scientists in order to exchange knowledge


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in teaching school subjects in inclusive settings from different perspectives.

Pillar 2: Strengthen the awareness for diversity of frameworks, conditions and determining factors of teaching school subjects in the different countries. Theories, research findings, teaching methods and concepts for inclusive teaching of the partners will be accessible in English.

Pillar 3: Deals with diversity from an interdisciplinary perspective which is represented by different school-subjects in special-, primary- and secondary education, as well as special pedagogical concepts. The project will connect, discuss and collect basic assumptions. Conferences, country-study-visits, literature-reviews and video-recordings are collected and published as material for teacher education (DVD, homepage) in English and the languages represented by the partner countries.   

Events and Meetings

Information platform

Brussels, 02 / 2014

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Second consortium meeting

Sweden, 05 / 2014

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First annual conference: Learning Together to Live Diversity

Luxembourg, 11 / 2014

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Third consortium meeting

Spain, 05 / 2015

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Fourth consortium meeting

Iceland, 11 / 2015

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Consortium meeting

Lithuania, 05 / 2016

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Third annual and final conference

Germany, 11 / 2016